cybernetics n stuff

  • she has two probes currently, and could handle several more
  • probe 1 is an extra “eye” — when it’s active she can see what it sees, blinking switches back and forth between the probe and her actual eyes so she’s essentially seeing two views at once. she likes the added awareness this brings, and prefers it to a ‘split screen’ type view.
  • probe 2 is an extra set of ears. she can use it instead of her personal hearing device, or set it up so that she can hear what it hears in one ear and what she would be hearing in another.
  • probe 2 can also listen in on local frequencies, and boost Avoh’s own signals as needed.
  • she sees both probes more as extensions of herself than as pets or tools
  • her hearing device is effective, but nothing special except where it’s been wired to work with her probe controls. she’s fairly good at reading lips, a skill she picked up during her time with Intelligence, but is not fluent in any forms of sign language.
  • her replacement hand is likewise the simplest model that fit and wouldn’t fall apart immediately. it’s okay for holding things, but not for any delicate work — if she needs to carry something, she’ll pick it up with her left hand first and put it in her right. she’s self-conscious about it, but covering it up isn’t really an option as it’s just a basic two fingers, one thumb design.
  • all of her cybernetics are about the same age; the probe controls were installed at the same time as the rest, probably as a “well, since we’re in here anyway…” kind of thing after her injury.